23 September 2010

Teplice, Czech Republic

Heading generally north west from Prague, we caught a few trains to end up near the German border in the small township of Teplitz. Not quite sure how this one made it to our itinerary - not because it was in any way a disappointment but rather because the town appeared to consist of two hotels and that was about it. This is the main square...

I was of course wrong. The purpose of our visit was the Templitz National Park.
Oh, just before I get to the visit I just had to capture the shot below. The Czechs do enjoy a laugh...(mannequin).

After another hiking staple lunch of beer, garlic soup, pork and potatoes we set off to check out forest (and the acclaimed rocks).

Luckily we were told that draw card of this particular trail are the many rock formations. Of course, it is also a major sport for rock-spiders (of the human type). The trek itself was beautiful but to be honest, I was at a bit of a loss when it came to most of the formations - especially the names they had been given. At times accurate, check out the Snout below - realistic, huh?

Otherwise, for the most part, it seemed to me that the names most were pretty far-fetched. So impressive that I can hardly recall the names but I think there was a Pope in there, a Tsunami and...oh, I forget the rest. Anyway, enough rock-bashing (at the risk of upsetting Falcon). Rocks aside, it was nice to stretch the legs.

Next, Auschwitz

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